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Its excellent location and multifaceted infrastructure make the community of Blaichach an appealing economic and residential site in Oberallgaeu. A moderate taxation and fee system as well as business-friendly and family-friendly building development management make the community future-oriented and attractive on a long-term basis. 5,589 inhabitants (as of Dec. 31, 2009) with sound purchasing power thanks to the large production plant of the firm Robert Bosch GmbH and the 538 other industrial enterprises in the community appreciate the advantageous traffic infrastructure and the superb support services network on site. A day nursery and two kindergartens are present in the community as also elementary and intermediate schools with afternoon childcare, an open all-day school and homework supervision. This enables us to provide our pupils with extensive educational support. A close meshed support network consisting of youth welfare and social work in the schools, as well as coordinators for matters concerning families, senior citizens and the disabled, in addition comprehensive and lively club activities assure that all the citizens of Blaichach feel at home in our community. The administrative area of Blaichach consisting of 12.4 acres extends from a height of 2,395 ft. to a height of 5,725 ft. and is made up of 12 wards. The Gunzesrieder Tal is thereby one of the touristic pearls of the region. Blaichach is part of the Nature Park Nagelfluhkette.
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Trade taxes

Trade tax factor 2014 370 To interactive map
Factor of land tax B 2014 410 To interactive map


Population 2014 5.728 To interactive map
Population 2013 5.684 To interactive map
In %   0,77 %  

Employees soc. security.

Beschäftigung 2014 2013 In %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in agr. & forestry - 23 -
Employees subject to soc. ins. in manuf. 818 825 -0,85 %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in trade 392 272 44,12 %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in the service sector - 158 -
Employees subject to soc. ins. in publ. & priv. service sectors 252 233 8,15 %
Total employees subject to social insurance 1.658 1.511 9,73 %
Commuter balance in persons (commuters in/commuters out) -705    

Transport Infrastructure

Freeway A A 980 Waltenhofen 15 km
Highway B B 19, B 308 0 km
Int. Airport in München 137 km
Railway Station in town 0 km


Hospital in Sonthofen, Immenstadt 5 km
Secondary School in Sonthofen, Immenstadt 3 km
Vocational School in Immenstadt 3 km
High School in Sonthofen, Immenstadt 3 km

"-" = Kein Wert vorhanden oder Zahlenwert unbekannt